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Sunroof Window Repair Prescription

Precision Auto Glass eats, sleeps, and breathes glass. We have a full service facility in Centerville Utah. Don't let a broken window shut you down. Get it fixed quick by the experts at Precision Auto Glass.

Sunroof Windows

At Precision Auto Glass, we supply and install sunroofs for your cars, trucks, RVs, motorhomes, and SUVs. When it comes to sunroofs, you have more options than you think. We help you make the best selection based on your budget and vehicle type.

We repair sunroofs on every make of vehicle, which is a highly technical process. One of the most complicated auto glass repairs in sunroofs. Our customers know how skilled we are when it comes to installing and repairing sunroofs. That is why they come all the way from Idaho, Arizona and Nevada to receive the specialized and advanced care Precision Auto Glass provides.

Sunroofs are made of either laminated or tempered glass, just like the other window glass on your vehicle. Windshields are made with two pieces of laminated glass bonded together with a polycarbonate layer. When this glass is impacted by debris or during an accident, it is designed to crack, but hold together in order to protect you and your passengers. Tempered glass is more likely to be used on windows. Both of these types of glass are considered safety glass. Tempered glass is designed to shatter into tiny pieces that are too small to cause lacerations and injury. Tempered glass is a popular choice for sunroof window glass.

The sunroof in your vehicle does require maintenance in order for it to work properly. Sunroofs are susceptible to damage, cracks and chips just like the other glass windows. Sunroofs also need to be cleaned on a regular basis due to their horizontal surface, which increases the collection of dirt and debris more easily than vertical windows.

The Most Common Sunroof Problems That Require Auto Glass Repair

  1. Leaking: When the sunroof drainage system is damaged, water can get into your vehicle. Water seepage also occurs when the neoprene/silicone sealing around the glass is damaged or deteriorated.
  2. Motor Failure: If the sunroof on your vehicle no longer opens and closes, you have a damaged motor that needs to be repaired. This is also the case if the sunroof is moving slower than usual.
  3. Damaged Glass: Although the sunroof is made of safety glass, it can be damaged, cracked and chipped. Temperature fluctuations can also make damage worse, in addition to uneven terrain.
  4. Track and Cable Damage: If the sunroof in your vehicle does not move smoothly or makes odd noises, it is likely that the track and cable need repair.

Different Types of Sunroofs We Service

  1. Built-in: This type of sunroof is designed for larger vehicles and is built inside the roof of the car.
  2. Spoiler: This is similar to the built-in because it has a mechanism that allows the sunroof to slide on top of the roof.
  3. Pop-up: A pop-up sunroof is the most affordable option. This type of sunroof must be opened and closed manually. It also tilts to allow air inside the passenger area.
  4. Panoramic: This style of sunroof is found on newer vehicles. These require several glass panels that cover a large portion of the roof of a vehicle. A panoramic sunroof gives the best view by far.

Dangers of a Cracked Sunroof

Just like a cracked windshield or window, damage auto glass poses a danger to you and your passengers:

  1. Less protection: a damaged sunroof means the safety of your vehicle is compromised. This puts you at risk for debris and changing weather conditions.
  2. Further expenses: when damage to your sunroof is left unchecked, the chips and cracks can become much worse, resulting in an increase in the cost to repair or replace it.
  3. Weather damage: if your sunroof cracks or breaks, rain and debris can enter your vehicle and cause damage to the interior. This can mean mold, rust, mildew and electronic damage as well.
  4. Tickets and restrictions: Most states have regulations and requirements for any vehicle. Cracked or broken glass may result in the failure of a safety inspection, restricting your ability to drive that vehicle.

Sunroof Installation Process

When a vehicle is brought in with a broken or damaged sunroof, we take the necessary steps to fix it. The first thing we do is remove any shattered glass. This can be stuck around your sunroof and within the interior of your vehicle. We take the time to carefully vacuum and remove all of the glass properly. Removing any glass still stuck in the sunroof has to be done perfectly because a new sunroof will not fit if there is anything remaining.

After the area is completely cleaned, we remove the seal that holds the glass in place. This adhesive seal needs to be removed and replaced when a new sunroof is installed. All of the residue from the seal must be completely dissolved. We also have solvents and solutions that make this process much easier. All of the residue needs to be removed so that the new glass can slide in correctly. A new seal also needs to be placed on a clean surface to adhere properly.

The final step in installing a new sunroof is placing the correct size sunroof on your vehicle. This glass is carefully fitted to your sunroof. We make sure there are no leaks and that the new seal is bonded. Once complete, your vehicle is safe to take back on the road again and protect you from the elements. If you are unsure of what kind of sunroof your car or truck requires, give us a call. We will be able to quickly identify the type of sunroof you need.

Choose the Best - Choose Precision

If your sunroof is in need of repair, bring it into one of our locations. We are proud to have the experience and equipment necessary to repair any make and model vehicle's sunroof glass. Precision Auto Glass is one of the only businesses in Utah which does sunroof repair—due to the highly technical nature of the repair, and the specialized equipment required, many places do not repair sunroofs. Contact us today for a free quote.

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