Odgen Location

Tucked away along the Wasatch Front, Ogden provides both city life and unmatched outdoor access - a genuine mountain-to-city experience. Ogden was the first settlement in Utah, which is why there are so many families and communities established there today. Precision Auto Glass is proud to serve the Ogden area for all auto glass needs.

Vehicles We Service

Precision Auto Glass is an auto, boat and RV glass repair shop with a proven track record of success. We warranty all our workmanship and have an excellent history of perfect installations. This location services the auto glass on any type of vehicle, including: cars, trucks, classic cars, classic trucks, boats, RVs, and motorhomes.

Windshield Repair and Replacement

Any windshield can be repaired by our highly skilled technicians, even ones with integrated cameras, complex warning systems, and more. We are able to repair your windshield if damage is minimal, saving you money. If it needs to be replaced, we guarantee it for as long as you own the vehicle.


We can fix all window types, including side, vent, quarter, rear, and even customized windows. The advancement of vehicle technology means newer vehicles require high-tech, cutting-edge equipment to replace your vehicle's glass. Precision Auto Glass has some of the most sophisticated and modern tools available today, and techs with decades of experience.

Custom Cut Glass

We are able to get any desired flat glass thanks to our dynamic process. Anything from shower doors to table toppers to unusual do-it-yourself projects. We measure, place the order, transport, and install the item. We also offer retrofit windows and can expand the size of a window. At some point, even the windshields and glass of vintage cars require maintenance or replacement. For your vintage car, our specialists can create unique glass cuts. In order to minimize your exposure to UV rays while driving, we may additionally tint the windows that we install. All auto glass, whether you drive a new or classic car, needs to be polished and cut by machines. The glass cutting equipment that our professionals use is extremely precise. We have specialized training and skills for operating this equipment.

Sunroof Glass Repair and Replacement

We repair sunroofs on every make of vehicle. Precision Auto Glass takes pride in having the know-how and tools required to fix sunroof glass on cars of any make or model. One of the most complicated auto glass repairs in sunroofs—our customers come from as far as Idaho, Arizona and Nevada to receive our specialized and advanced care.

Rock Chip Repair

When it comes to fixing rock chips, timing is everything! Your rock chip is a ticking time bomb that is just ready to spread into a wide fracture; they are particularly erratic in response to changes in the weather. Preventing windshield cracks by having rock chips fixed is an easy, cost-effective, and safe solution. The average time to fix a rock chip is twenty minutes. The majority of insurance providers will cover the cost of the repair without increasing rates or having any unfavorable effects. They will often fully waive your deductible for the repair.

Mobile Service

We are committed to your safety whether or not you can get your vehicle to one of our locations. If you cannot, due to damage or a busy schedule, we can come to you. You can take full advantage of our mobile service. We can replace or repair your auto glass at your location. We provided mobile services to the south end of Davis and all of Salt Lake county.

ADAS Camera Calibration

Advanced driving-Assistance technologies, or ADAS for short, is a family of safety devices that automates and improves driving safety. It warns drivers of possible issues before they happen to prevent crashes. When your windshield needs to be replaced, it is crucial the ADAS system is calibrated correctly.

Lifetime and Quality Guarantee

For the duration of the glass's life, we will repair or replace any installation errors. Stress fractures, or cracks in the glass that occur for no apparent reason, are covered by the manufacturer's guarantee. We offer the greatest warranties and customer service in the business, and we take pride in looking out for our clients. We don't often have warranty problems, so you can be confident that we'll take care of you and remedy anything that goes wrong!


Just contact Precision Auto Glass with your insurance card in hand, and a skilled insurance representative will assist you in arranging the claim. Without any additional help from you, Precision Auto Glass takes care of the remaining portion of the claim. Our expert will even get in touch with your insurance provider on your behalf if needed. Precision Auto Glass completes all documentation and even handles the billing to your insurance provider.

Call us today to make an auto glass appointment, for more details about our services, or to begin an insurance claim. We are here to serve our community and keep you and your family safe on the road.

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