Layton Precision Auto Glass Location

Precision Auto Glass in Layton, Utah, is an easily accessible and convenient stop for all of your auto glass needs. This location services the auto glass on any type of vehicle, including: cars, trucks, classic cars, classic trucks, boats, RVs, and motorhomes. Layton is a midsize city location in Davis County. This is a well established area where families have resided for a long time. Only recently have newer residents began moving to the area. This urban area offers the amenities of a city without the fast paced feel. The cost of living and education system are also reasons families have chosen to move to this area. Like many families in the area and throughout Utah, road trips and camping are a popular activity. We are a trusted name throughout the Layton area for all things auto glass related.

Windshield Repair and Replacement

Our highly sophisticated tools and techs can repair any windshield—even those with advanced warning systems, integrated cameras and more. Our technicians are trained in both windshield glass repair and replacement. Although there is a lot we can do to repair damage, there are limitations to what we can do. If the damage is too extensive, we will recommend a replacement. The sooner you bring in your vehicle, the better the chances of us being able to repair it.


No matter where the window on your vehicle is located, or what size the window is, we can fix it. Windows play a significant role in the integrity of your vehicle and how much force is absorbed in the event of an accident. We can install any type of window. Side windows, vent windows, quarter windows, back windows and even custom windows. Glass also keeps debris, dirt, rain and more out of the interior of your car or truck. Maintaining windows and sunroofs goes a long way in protecting you and your vehicle overall.

Custom Cut Glass and Classic Cars

Even classic car windows and windshields need repairs or a replacement eventually. Our technicians custom cut glass to fit your classic vehicle. We can also tint the windows we install to control UV exposure while you are on the road. Whether you own a classic or modern vehicle, all auto glass must be cut and finished by machinery. Our technicians utilize glass cutting machinery that is designed to be highly accurate. This includes specialized knowledge and training using the machinery as well.

Sunroof Glass Repair and Replacement

We supply and install sunroofs for your cars, trucks, RVs, motorhomes, and SUVs. When it comes to sunroofs, you have more options than you think. We help you make the best selection based on your budget and vehicle type. The sunroof in your vehicle does require maintenance in order for it to work properly. Sunroofs are susceptible to damage, cracks and chips just like the other glass windows. We are one of the only auto glass companies that services and repairs sunroofs.

Rock Chip Repair

Rock chips affect more than the aesthetics of your vehicle. When your windshield is cracked, it puts the integrity of your vehicle at risk. A small repair will keep you safe on the road and better protect you if you are involved in an accident. Many insurance companies will waive your comprehensive deductible for a windshield repair claim due to rock chip damage. We can keep you from having to pay for a replacement window by mending the chips and preventing them from spreading.

Mobile Service

When you schedule a mobile service appointment with one of our technicians, you can expect great service every time. Our technicians greet you and confirm your appointment before beginning any work. Once we begin service to your vehicle, you do not have to wait around, we will contact you once it is complete. This means you can make an appointment at your home or while you are in your office. We can also meet you at a safe location off the highway if you need an emergency service. Our Layton location provides mobile services from Kaysville, North Davis County, all of Weber county and east to Mountain Green, Peterson, and Morgan.

ADAS Camera Calibration

Our technicians use specialized equipment and have gone through special training in order to offer ADAS Camera Calibration services. We also know how to align and restore the camera to the manufacturer's specification, protecting the warranty you have on the equipment. The entire calibration process usually takes between 30 to 45 minutes, so the turnaround time is very fast. We can perform this service the same day you have your windshield replaced.

Lifetime and Quality Guarantee

We stand behind our work and our glass products. That is why every windshield we install comes with our lifetime workmanship and manufacturer warranty. We also believe in our satisfaction guarantee where we are only satisfied when you are. Our manufacturing warranty is designed to cover stress cracks and any defects that may be in the glass. These defects are very rare due to the quality control process each windshield goes through before it ever makes it onto a vehicle.


Our insurance specialist verifies the claim information needed by your insurance company. After that, Precision Auto Glass handles the rest of the claim without further assistance from you. If necessary, our specialist even contacts your insurance company on your behalf. All paperwork is completed by Precision Auto Glass, and we even bill your insurance company for you.

You are in good hands when you trust the technicians at Precision Auto Glass for repairs and replacements to the glass on your vehicles. With fast turn around time and convenient mobile services, window damage will not ruin your ability to get back on the road fast. Call us at (801) 520-3131 to find out more about the service we offer or to schedule an appointment. We look forward to servicing your vehicle and becoming your trusted auto glass technician for all of your future glass needs.

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