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Auto Glass and Window Repair Prescription

Precision Auto Glass eats, sleeps, and breathes glass. We have a full service facility in Centerville Utah. Don't let a broken window shut you down. Get it fixed quick by the experts at Precision Auto Glass.

Auto Window and Glass

At Precision Glass, we have the tools and equipment required to install windows on your vehicle in compliance with the highest standards. No matter how the damage occurred, a broken window needs to be replaced right away. We know that every vehicle is different and we have experience installing windows of varying sizes.
We can install any type of window. Side windows, vent windows, quarter windows, back windows and even custom windows. Precision Auto Glass can properly and accurately fix them all.

Tools and Equipment

Although you can find many of the tools we use at the local hardware store, we always recommend having your windows installed by one of our professionals. There is a lot that can go wrong that can result in expensive consequences. Some of the equipment we use includes: screwdrivers, socket sets, safety gear, shop vacuums, and trim removal tools.

Window Installation Service/Process

  1. We begin by finding the right window for your vehicle, many of which we have in stock and readily available. If we need to order any windows, we can do that as well.
  2. Once we have a new auto window ready to install, we remove the old one. We take our time here because damaged windows often mean loose glass. Glass pieces are carefully and thoroughly removed with a vacuum. We remove the bolts, clips, and screws around the door trim. Experience matters, since some of these screws are hidden. Knowing a great deal about different types of vehicles is crucial in locating these items for removal. We may also have to remove door handles on vehicles with manual window cranks. After removing the panel, the vapor barrier is also removed. This is another area where broken glass can be found and needs to be cleaned out.
  3. Once taken apart and cleaned, we can install your new window. We put the new window through the slit that is on the top of the doorframe and carefully put it into place. The hardware is reinstalled and replaced, securing the window in place. All parts of the door panel are put back into place and secured.

Auto Glass Window

Auto glass is designed to be very different from regular glass for many reasons. Auto window glass needs to be able to absorb impact from debris and during an accident, with the goal of preventing serious injury. Unlike regular glass, it will not break into shards. Instead it shatters into tiny pieces.

Glass is used in vehicles because it is a clear, flexible material that can be manipulated into different shapes while maintaining its integrity. It is also designed with defenses against UV rays, allowing for safe sun exposure over long distances.

Although you may think your windows are simply there for clear vision on the road, they are actually responsible for 60% of a vehicle's structural integrity. Glass can absorb 45% of impact during an accident. If a vehicle does not have a windshield, the roof will collapse even in a minor accident. Glass also keeps debris, dirt, rain and more out of the interior of your car or truck. Maintaining windows and sunroofs goes a long way in protecting you and your vehicle overall.

Why We Use High-Quality Glass Products

In order for glass windows to be safe to install on a vehicle, they must have the right OEM specifications. Since all the glass any of your vehicles faces wear and tear on a day to day basis, the quality of your windows must meet safety standards. This glass has been tested against extreme weather conditions, debris, and impact. It is also designed to allow for repairs instead of full replacements when the damage is minimal. We only use genuine OEM glass products and quality adhesives, combined with professional installation.

Auto Glass Types

There are two types of glass used on vehicles for good reason. These are laminated glass and tempered glass.

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass has been used for a long time and proven itself through durability and safety. It is created with two sheets of glass that are bonded together using polyvinyl butyral. This method creates one seamless product that does not shatter when impacted. Although the glass can break, the polyvinyl butyral keeps the piece intact and prevents it from becoming airborne and causing injury to you and your passengers. Laminated glass is usually used for windshields on a vehicle, both front and rear. It also keeps your airbags functioning properly and prevents drivers from ejection.

Tempered Glass

The windows on your car, truck, RV and motorhome are most likely made of tempered glass. It is put through a process that makes it 10x stronger than regular glass. This process involves a lot of heat followed by rapid cooling. Tempered glass is designed to shatter into small dull pieces instead of dangerous shards. If you have to climb out of your window, this glass is much less likely to cause you injury. Tempered glass should not be used on windshields.

Choose the Best - Choose Precision

When you are looking for the best window installation service for your vehicle, consider the experts at Precision Auto Glass. Our five star rating, lifetime guarantee, and quality guarantee set us apart from other glass companies. To schedule your window installation service, contact us today by calling (801) 520-3131. We offer free quotes, mobile, and emergency services.

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