Centerville Location

Situated in Davis County, Utah, Centerville is one of the most popular and sought after places to live in Utah. The area offers residents homes and neighborhoods perfect for growing families. There are many shops and parks around to enjoy as well. With many business opportunities in the area, young professionals find Centerville the perfect place to have a home. The public schools are also highly rated. Customers in this area trust the experts at Precision Auto Glass in Centerville, Utah. We have extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to all things auto glass.

Vehicles We Service

We offer auto glass services to any type of vehicle, including: cars, trucks, classic cars, classic trucks, boats, RVs, and motorhomes.

Windshield Repair and Replacement

When you have us replace or repair your auto glass, you will be 100% satisfied. At Precision Auto Glass, our technicians are trained in both windshield glass repair and replacement. Our goal is to restore the integrity of your windshield, instead of replacing it completely. Depending on the size and severity of the damage to our windshield, if it needs to be replaced, we can have it completed the same day.


Side windows, vent windows, quarter windows, back windows and even custom windows: we properly and accurately fix them all. Although you may think your windows are simply there for clear vision on the road, they are actually responsible for 60% of a vehicle's structural integrity. Glass can absorb 45% of impact during an accident. If a vehicle does not have a windshield, the roof will collapse even in a minor accident. When you are looking for the best window installation service for your vehicle, consider the experts at Precision Auto Glass. Our five star rating, lifetime guarantee, and quality guarantee gives you everything you are looking for.

Custom Cut Glass

For those of you looking for an experienced custom glass service for your vintage cars and trucks, we have you covered. Even classic car windows and windshields need repairs or a replacement eventually. Our technicians custom cut glass to fit your classic vehicle. We can also tint the windows.

Sunroof Glass Repair and Replacement

We repair sunroofs on every make of vehicle, which is a highly technical process. One of the most complicated auto glass repairs in sunroofs. Our customers know how skilled we are when it comes to installing and repairing sunroofs. We are one of the only businesses in Utah which does sunroof repair.

Rock Chip Repair

Although a small rock chip on your windshield or window may not seem like a big deal, they should not be ignored. These will eventually expand and extend into large cracks along the glass. Once the damage spreads, you will have no choice but to have your windshield completely replaced. If you have any rock chips in your window, bring your vehicle to us as soon as possible. We can keep you from having to pay for a replacement window by mending the chips and preventing them from spreading.

Mobile Service

We are committed to your safety whether or not you can get your vehicle to one of our locations. If you cannot, due to damage or a busy schedule, we can come to you. You can take full advantage of our mobile service. We can replace or repair your auto glass at your location. We provided mobile services to the south end of Davis and all of Salt Lake county.

ADAS Camera Calibration

We perform professional ADAS Camera Calibration for your vehicles. When a windshield needs to be replaced on newer vehicles, the cameras need to be calibrated after the new windshield is installed. Sensors and other electrical equipment also need to be calibrated and mounted on the windshield in a very specific way. ADAS camera calibration needs to be done correctly because it directly affects the safety and functioning of your vehicle. These systems are very complex and our technicians are known for their excellent work.

Lifetime and Quality Guarantee

Every new windshield comes with our lifetime workmanship and manufacturer warranty. See clearly for as long as you own the vehicle. We back every job we perform with our quality and satisfaction guarantee. We're happy when you're happy, and we'll do everything we can to make sure you are. The manufacturer warranty covers stress cracks (cracking for no reason) and defects in the glass.

We believe in taking care of our customers and offer the best customer service and warranty in the industry. We rarely have warranty issues—rest assured, if you have a problem we will fix it and take care of you!


We also work with your insurance company so you don't have to. All you have to do is provide us with your insurance information. Our insurance specialist will ask a few questions to help determine your needs. Once realized, our specialist connects you into a 3-way call with your insurance company. From there, we take care of the entire process, including the paperwork and billing.

Installation and repairs on your auto glass have to be done by a professional in order to be reliable and safe. This is a highly precise task. We know that every vehicle is different and we have experience installing windows of varying sizes. When you are looking for the best window installation service for your vehicle, consider the experts at Precision Auto Glass. To schedule your window installation service, contact us today by calling (801) 520-3131. We look forward to becoming your trusted auto glass technicians.

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