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Auto Glass and Window Repair Prescription

Precision Auto Glass eats, sleeps, and breathes glass. We have a full service facility in Centerville Utah. Don't let a broken window shut you down. Get it fixed quick by the experts at Precision Auto Glass.

Auto Glass Repair

At Precision Auto Glass, we make glass repairs easy and affordable. We know you have a busy schedule, that is why we provide timely glass repairs and replacements. Our auto glass services keep you and your family safe on the road.

The glass on your vehicle aids in maintaining an unobstructed view of the road and the structural integrity of your vehicle. Together, this creates a safe experience on the road. You may think a small crack or chip can wait, but the truth is, damage like this should be fixed right away.


A small crack or chip on your front or rear windshield will continue to get worse as you drive. Uneven roads and additional debris from trucks can quickly turn a small chip into a large crack. Weather conditions like temperature changes and hail storms can also worsen the damage. The sooner you bring in your vehicle the better. We can fix small chips and cracks, allowing you to forgo paying for an entirely new windshield.


Having a clear view while driving is not only necessary, it is also required by law. Cracks and chips that fall in the line of your vision create a safety hazard for you and those on the road around you. You can also be ticketed for driving a damaged vehicle. In most cases, a trip to our auto shop will cost less than a ticket from a highway patrol officer.


The windshield of our vehicle has more influence over your safety than you may think. The windshield is actually designed as an important part of the safety restraint system. This means you are more likely to survive a rollover accident and less likely to be ejected from your vehicle. The integrity of your windshield also needs to be intact in order for your airbags to function properly.


Just like the structural integrity of a home, the integrity of your vehicle determines its overall value. If you are in the market for a new vehicle and want to sell your current one, replacing and repairing damaged auto glass is a must. This will unquestionably add value and make it much more likely you will sell your vehicle at the price you are asking. When it comes to cars and trucks, most buyers are looking for something that is ready to drive instead of something they have to further invest in.

Trust the Experts

Hiring an expert for all of your auto glass repair needs is the best way to save money and maintain your vehicle. We provide the quality services and experience you are looking for. We are also trained in using specialized equipment that only professional businesses have access to. It is important to remember that the quality of equipment is only effective when used by an expert.

Repair vs Replacement

Overall, auto glass repairs cost less than full replacements. We always consider the effectiveness of a repair over a replacement. Unlike other auto glass companies, we do not try to sell you on a full windshield replacement unless it is unavoidably necessary. If there is a chip or crack we cannot repair, we explain the reasons and go through your options. Our ultimate responsibility is to use our knowledge to keep you safe on the road.

Product Quality

We only provide you with the best when it comes to product quality. Not only is the auto glass we use of the highest quality, the adhesive products we use are as well. Quality products are necessary in order to warrant the recalibration of your vehicle by our technicians. We also stand behind the work we do, giving you added protection and peace of mind.

We offer a lifetime workmanship warranty and manufacturer warranty on all of our work. If we installed your glass incorrectly we will fix or replace it for the life of the glass. The manufacturer warranty covers stress cracks (cracking for no reason) and defects in the glass. We believe in taking care of our customers and offer the best customer service and warranty in the industry. We rarely have warranty issues—rest assured, if you have a problem we will fix it and take care of you!


Our trained insurance specialist works with your insurance company so you don't have to. All you have to do is provide us with your insurance information. Our insurance specialist will ask a few questions to help determine your needs. Once realized, our specialist connects you into a 3-way call with your insurance company.

They then verify the claim information needed by your insurance company. After that, Precision Auto Glass handles the rest of the claim without further assistance from you. If necessary, our specialist even contacts your insurance company on your behalf. All paperwork is completed by Precision Auto Glass, and we even bill your insurance company for you.

Rock Chip Coverage

Many insurance companies will waive your comprehensive deductible for a windshield repair claim. We are approved to bill all major insurance companies directly. This means that, depending on the insurance company and the type of damage, you may be able to get the windshield repaired at no cost to you—100% FREE!
Why do insurance companies waive the deductible on repairs? Because it saves them hundreds of thousands of dollars every day in needless windshield replacements! So it’s a true win/win for the insurance company and you.
For windshield replacements, the deductible is not waived by the insurance companies. There are two parts to your auto insurance:
  1. Collision - when you hit something and you are generally at fault.
  2. Comprehensive - when something happens to you and is not your fault—such as vandalism, or a rock on the freeway hitting your windshield.
Auto glass damage is covered under the comprehensive part of your insurance—because it was not your fault, auto glass damage generally does not affect your premium when filing a claim.

Why Choose the Experts at Precision Auto Glass

We offer affordable, same-day auto glass repair services on all vehicle models. We use the latest technology to offer you the best quality products using cutting-edge machinery. Our experience and dedication to safety maintains the integrity of your vehicle. We save you money by performing affordable repairs and quality replacements. Depending on the severity of your auto glass damage, we also offer a mobile service where we come to you. To find out more about our services and to understand what your insurance will cover, give us a call today.

Interested in using your insurance?


We do all the insurance paperwork and make it simple and easy for YOU! If you want to use your insurance, give our shop a call before you call your insurance company—we will take you through the process step-by-step.


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